Our goal is to build a login free environment for artists to buy sell and trade. Our first goal is to make the process simple.

We have many big goals, but everyone needs to to get the fist step working! I hope our blogs and promotional systems will help many artists to grow and achieve goals.

Our first step is to find a manager for this site that has a passion for music and arts. As we grow someone that can grow with us!

This site is part of a larger network of sites that make up a music and business co-op, we are modernizing all aspects network and each successful site will help build a system free of the  monopolies. Can it be done? not sure!!

  • Can this site be successful on it’s own? Of course!
  • How? Keeping cost of business extremely low! Offing win win deals for our artists and visitors.
  • How much are the Promotional Pages – $5 each ( for now)
  • How long are the pages up? – 1 yr to life of site
  • Can they be edited? yes but major edits and changes are $5



This site is dedicated for artists and musicians only! All spam posts will be rejected.

SPECIAL $5 EPK POST – These pages have no time limit.

Posts can be used for anything music related from selling items, or a promoting your EPK electronic press kit.

Each post is a full dedicated web URL inside of a promotional system that shares the info with other sites.


  • Includes a dedicated URL address to share in posts and emails.
  • Each post is shared to the social networks and other dedicated pages.
  • You buy sell and trade directly via any contact method you desire.
  • Post shows and events to our shared calendars for free!!
  • Help to build our next set of tools with direct input!